Cancerous Canine

I posted in facebook today and yesterday about an interesting interaction that I had. I’ll try and recreate it for you.

I was taking the trash out yesterday. This girl was carrying a rather large chair. I held the gate opened for her. She asked, “Are you the guy who saw me walking the dog yesterday?”. I stated….”uhhhh……maybe”. I’m thinking….how do I know…I see lots of people walking their dog. She then says…..”Cause my dog has cancer and he’s not a threat to anyone”. At this point, I realize that she’s got the wrong guy. But….I can’t interrupt this story even if I wanted to. She then says…”The guy told me that my dogs should really be on a leash….but my dog has cancer and is really not a threat to anyone”. I said…uhhhh…it wasn’t me.

I made a multiple choice question on Facebook to determine the proper response to this.

Was it….

A. I hope it works out with your cancerous canine?

B. Your dog should really be on a leash even if he does have cancer?

C. What do you think all balding guys look alike? (Add defensiveness for affect)

So what is the point of this story? Sometimes people ask the wrong questions. She should have asked, were you the guy who commented on me walking my dog? or Were you the guy who commented on my needing a leash while walking my dog? Immediately, I would have saved her some time from the cancerous leash less defense.

I have seen this girl several times since. She is walking her cancerous canine without a leash. I must admit that the dog looks like he’s slowly stalking something. It kind of creeped me out as I walked by. My mischievous side has actually thought of yelling….I thought I told you to keep that do on a leash. I’m sure that that would really confuse her….especially since I must look like the guy who told her that the first time.