The Leader as CREATIVE Culture Architect and Builder

I have worked with Dr. Jerry Newman for the last 14 years. It’s nice when you can have long term relationships with such a great leader. Remember to never burn a bridge….but that’s another blog post.

First I worked with him at Johnson & Johnson Medical where we worked with R&D Scientists on the prioritization of their New Product Development efforts. We called the prioritization facilitation an Innovation Forecasting meeting. I then worked with him at Kemin Foods both in the education of his staff and on numerous facilitation projects. Most recently, I worked with him at Steris Corporation where he was able to refine his CREATIVE Model of R&D leadership development and implement Lions of Innovation. It’s an impressive practical model that works!

Dr. Jerry Newman was the co-creator with myself of the MyMeetingPro app for simple effective meetings.

Dr. Jerry Newman is a fine leader with some great ideas on the development of an R&D team.

Jerry is available for consultation, keynote presentations, or coaching on Research and Development strategy. I hope you enjoy this article on CREATIVE. You can learn more about Dr. Newman at his website.

I envision a future sponsorship from a University where we could both teach at a New Product Development Academy. If you have ideas for a University Sponsor, contact me.

By the way, if you need a great senior leader for your Research and Development efforts, I highly recommend him!