How Often Do We Do Things That Don’t Make Sense?

Instructions for Yogurt

Instructions for Yogurt? Really?

How often do we do things that don’t make sense? Are we aware that it doesn’t make sense? I’m not making a case for everything being rational? But come on, let’s at least be willing to “look at yourself” and eliminate the things that don’t make sense.

Take for example these directions at Yogurtland, do you think anyone has ever used these directions? If you were such a moron that you needed directions, would you look around? Would you be able to read?

I remember when there used to be directions on deodorant. I just looked and my deodorant no longer offers directions. Perhaps society is becoming more sophisticated. Naaaaaaa that can’t be it. Perhaps deodorant companies got tired of being fodder for stand up comics.

So what things do you do that doesn’t make sense?

Let’s examine communication. Do you use the word “like” every third word.

I was like ooooh…and he was like ahhhhh….and I was like whatever.

Self awareness is a the foundational skill of emotional intelligence. Perhaps, increase your awareness. Ask, why do I do the things that I do? Perhaps it will be like the matrix and open up new realities.

In organizations, how do we eliminate things that no longer make sense? Jack Welch at GE instituted “work-out” programs. These programs identified things to stop doing. Welch said that we tend to start projects much faster. Rarely if ever do we ask, what should we stop doing. Stop doing the things that don’t make sense. Then reallocate the time to your most important priorities.

I would love to hear examples of the things you do that don’t quite make sense.