Building Your Brand

A while back, my friend Jonathan Hegranes introduced me to Prezi. Most adults are so ingrained in their use of PowerPoint, they haven’t raises their heads from Microsoft’s behind long enough to discover newer fresher approaches. One friend told me that you have to be 16 years or younger to know much about Prezi. I tried Prezi and I liked it.

First, let me warn you, there’s lots of movement. Some older folks find themselves getting dizzy. My mother also got dizzy on roller coasters; however, I found the experience exhilarating and fun.

Watching a Prezi is like riding a roller coaster.

I experimented with Prezi, learned it in one evening, and produced this short clip promoting the MyMeetingPro app for simple effective meetings. I also used Camtasia to add the music Takin Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Fast forward 6 months to a year. I told a client about Prezi and they wanted some help spicing up some of their sales training. I put some of their stuff onto Prezi for them. They wanted to make their documents private and be able to share them. Therefore, I subscribed to the Pro version which cost me $159.00/year. There is also a free version that requires that all of your Prezis be in the public domain. I was browsing other’s Prezis and discovered this wonderful presentation on building your brand. It’s kind of long, and has several YouTube videos imbedded into the presentation. It is very good and worth watching. You must repeatedly click the button when you want to change slides. By the way, you won’t be able to view this with your iPad or iPhone because it uses Flash. It’s an Apple thing (sorry).