Picking Domain Name and Web Hosting

There are many reasons why you might want to register a domain name.

1. You desire to create a blog.
2. You have a company and you want to drive traffic and promote your business.
3. You have an e-commerce site and you want to sell your products.
4. You want to build your personal brand.
5. You aspire to develop your MLM or affiliate marketing business.

But, viagra here let’s say you have made the decision to register a domain name. Most locations that sell domain names are pretty consistent in their pricing. The price seems to range from $9.99-$12.99. By the way, that price is yearly. If you don’t pay the yearly fee for the domain, the domain can be resold. Domains that are owned by someone else can also be purchased. Auction sites like Flippa regularly sell domain names and full websites. Flippa operates similarly to ebay. People bid for sites and domains.

How do you choose a proper domain name? I like to use the Google Keyword Search tool.
This tool will give you an idea of how many searches take place on each related key word.

Pick the Best Domain Name

Pick the Best Domain Name

Perhaps you can find a word combination that has not been registered. In the past, Google gave preferential treatment to searches that had common search words within the URL. You should also consider a URL that is memorable. I prefer .com over others. Also be careful that the domain name you have chosen does not spell any strange or offensive words. No accidental porn!

Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!

I have chosen to use Go Daddy to buy domain names. They are a pretty reputable company. Also, if you decide to later sell the domain name, Go Daddy can help with the sale. I had a good experience with Go Daddy and have purchased several domains from them including JackofAllDomains, JackOfAllHosting, and JackOfAllLogos. You can also choose to let Go Dadddy host your domain.

However, I chose to host my domain at HostGator. HostGator has excellent customer service. I love their chat customer service function. I can multi-task and then send the chat dialogue to myself as a reminder. HostGator has easy one button loading for all WordPress installations and I prefer WordPress since it’s Google food. In other words, Google likes it and seems to reward it from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization Perspective).

So I guess my decision to go with HostGator was based upon,

1. Price
2. Customer service with chat function
3. Control Panel that made easily uploading of WordPress onto my sites

I admit that after experiencing how smoothly it worked using both Go Daddy and HostGator, I signed up for their affiliate programs. I’ll get a small commission if you go through my links. However, I never recommend something that I don’t use and don’t like!

With HostGator, here are a couple of coupon codes that you can use yourself or give to your friends. JackOfAllHosting will automatically give you $9.94 off and it’s the best code to use if it’s $49.70 or less. If you use the coupon code SaveWithJack, you will save 25%.

Also with HostGator, they have a service called The Baby Plan. The Baby Plan is $6.36/month. This plan allows unlimited domain hosting. It’s a great deal for me since I have 5 domains and plan to acquire more in the future. The Hatchling Plan is best if you only plan on having one domain and costs $3.96/month.

I hope this article helps you to pick a good domain name, register it, and host it.

What are your favorite domain names that you have registered? How do you plan on using them?

I’d love to brainstorm domain names with ya if you need to kick around some ideas! I love to do that sort of thing.