Pastor Uses MyMeetingPro to Run Better Meetings.

Pastor Enjoys Using MyMeetingPro

Pastor Enjoys Using MyMeetingPro

It’s always good to talk to a satisfied user of MyMeetingPro. A while back, I interviewed Randy Osborn who was a college friend. In college at Oklahoma State University, I lived with 4 guys in a house which we all called the “white house”. Randy had a habit of regularly showing up at dinner time. It happened so often, whenever we heard the knock on the door at dinner time, we would all yell….”Come in Randy”.

Well around 27 years have gone by and now Randy is the pastor at South Calvary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. You can read about his leadership here.

Randy works directly with a staff of 4 and regularly meets with a slew of others. Most of his meetings are one-on-one. Randy works with other churches and is Regional Director of Operations where he works with other churches and their leadership. Randy also has chaired numerous non- profit groups.

Randy first began using the MyMeetingPro (MMP) Plan. He says that he is normally not a big agenda person. MMP Plan helped him to create more focus and put together an agenda. He later purchased the MyMeetingPro HD version. He says that he normally finds meeting documentation tedious and burdensome. MyMeetingPro allowed him to add some discipline and made documentation easier and smooth. Randy stated, “I’m an iPad user. I formerly used notepad and got bogged down with the notes, then I bought MyMeetingPro HD.

Randy says that the things he likes most about MyMeetingPro HD is

1. It keeps us on track

2. The ability to take notes and easily distribute those notes.

Randy stated….. “It made us better”.

Randy’s job is to encourage others in purposeful living. I can’t help but wonder if purposeful living and purposeful leadership might begin with purposeful meetings.

You can read more about MyMeetingPro on this site and watch a couple of overview videos at this MyMeetingPro link.

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