Building Your Brand

A while back, my friend Jonathan Hegranes introduced me to Prezi. Most adults are so ingrained in their use of PowerPoint, they haven’t raises their heads from Microsoft’s behind long enough to discover newer fresher approaches. One friend told me … Continue reading

Dealing with Bad Bosses

Please check out this infographic courtesy of Compliance and Safety. They are focused on safety in the workplace and helping companies responsible for keeping you safe on the job. Featured By: Compliance and Safety I remember years ago, I was … Continue reading

How to Market Using Social Media

Lately, I’ve been getting requests from friends on how I’m using social media for business development. I have had multiple meetings to share these lessons. First, I met with Matt “The Chin” Mangino, Eileen Flynn, George Chewning, Silvana Cremonini and … Continue reading

How to Create and Market an iPad/iPhone App

This is an autobiographical account of how Dr. Jerry Newman and I conceived, created, and market the MyMeetingPro App for simple effective meetings. I hope that this article provides learning for others who wish to create and market Apps. About … Continue reading

Directive Leadership from Mr. Miyagi

Does directive leadership have its place? Research shows that coercive leadership negatively impacts culture. The pacesetter style also negatively impacts culture. The pacesetter style of leadership is a “keep up with me” type of leadership. The pacesetter style also negatively … Continue reading