Leadership Lessons: Yawping with Mr. Keating

In earlier posts, I taught leadership lessons from Dead Poet’s Society. The first clip was entitled Carpe Diem. The second clip was entitled Rip It Out. This clip is entitled, Yawping! In this clip, Todd was asked to create an … Continue reading

Leaders Developing Leaders

Leaders Developing Leaders How do we develop the leadership skills necessary to create the future? Here is a list of the leadership development philosophies that are being practiced today. 1. The Cream Will Rise To The Top. This philosophy believes … Continue reading

Reasons Employees Don’t Do What They Are Supposed to Do

Top Reasons Employees Don’t Do What They Are Supposed To #1 They don’t know they are supposed to Managers need to set realistic yet challenging job expectations. Disappointment is as much about expectations as anything. The challenge of all employees … Continue reading

Leadership Lessons from Poker and Blackjack

I have been playing poker seriously for the past eight years. I always considered it a part time job. As I age, it gets harder and harder to explain to people what I do. I have a training company. I … Continue reading

More Leadership Lessons from Robin Williams

I hope you enjoyed the last lesson from Mr. Keating. Carpe Diem, seize the day boys make your lives extraordinary. Now it’s time for lesson number 2. http://youtu.be/tmayC2AdkNw What are ways that you need to challenge the status quo? As … Continue reading