Influencing Without Authority

The Influence Edge
Getting Work Done Without Authority

Program Objectives:

• Define influence and identify the characteristics of successful influencers
• List the directions and constituencies that we need to influence
• Define networking and build a personal network
• List and apply the four factors in an influence situation and explain the importance of planning
• Describe and demonstrate Push, cialis thumb Pull, cheap and Push/Pull behaviors
• Describe personal effectiveness using influence behaviors and develop in needed areas
• Plan for influence situations
• Use influence behaviors in a real-life situation

Length: 1 day


• Great and Poor Influencers
• Influencing at Work and Networking
• Case Study: Planning for Situational Factors
• Real Life Application
• Influence Model
• Practice Influence Behaviors


• Survey Feedback
• Focused Practice
• Personal Application
• Planning and Practice
• Influence and Communication Styles
• Closing