Leadership Lessons from Seinfeld

Leadership Lessons from Seinfeld

Leadership Lessons From Seinfeld

A few months ago, Dr. Jerry Newman, see CREATIVE new product development, viagra talked to me about Little Bets by Peter Sims. When Seinfeld does a comedy routine during a concert, every comedy bit seems to be successful. However, his comedy routine has been perfected in small comedy clubs. He experiments with his material. He keeps the good stuff and eliminates the waste. See post on eliminate waste, add more good stuff.

I am trying this same concept in my business. I try an experiment and if it works, I keep doing it. If it doesn’t work, I eliminate it. I look at my career as a portfolio career. Just like a stock portfolio, you eliminate the things that are not working and do more of the things which are working.

It’s harder and harder to answer the question “What do you do?” at dinner parties.

I have a training and development company.
I’m a landlord.
I trade stocks and options. My favorite is AAPL.
I play poker. I played in the game with Phil Laak where he set the world record for the longest session.

World record for longest poker game.

I have a suite of apps available for iPad and iPhone under the MyMeetingPro brand.
I’m always trolling for business ideas that work.
I have a blog that I’m experimenting with and looking for ways to monetize.

What experiments are you conducting?

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