Pastor Uses MyMeetingPro to Run Better Meetings.

Pastor Enjoys Using MyMeetingPro

Pastor Enjoys Using MyMeetingPro

It’s always good to talk to a satisfied user of MyMeetingPro. A while back, I interviewed Randy Osborn who was a college friend. In college at Oklahoma State University, I lived with 4 guys in a house which we all called the “white house”. Randy had a habit of regularly showing up at dinner time. It happened so often, whenever we heard the knock on the door at dinner time, we would all yell….”Come in Randy”.

Well around 27 years have gone by and now Randy is the pastor at South Calvary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. You can read about his leadership here.

Randy works directly with a staff of 4 and regularly meets with a slew of others. Most of his meetings are one-on-one. Randy works with other churches and is Regional Director of Operations where he works with other churches and their leadership. Randy also has chaired numerous non- profit groups.

Randy first began using the MyMeetingPro (MMP) Plan. He says that he is normally not a big agenda person. MMP Plan helped him to create more focus and put together an agenda. He later purchased the MyMeetingPro HD version. He says that he normally finds meeting documentation tedious and burdensome. MyMeetingPro allowed him to add some discipline and made documentation easier and smooth. Randy stated, “I’m an iPad user. I formerly used notepad and got bogged down with the notes, then I bought MyMeetingPro HD.

Randy says that the things he likes most about MyMeetingPro HD is

1. It keeps us on track

2. The ability to take notes and easily distribute those notes.

Randy stated….. “It made us better”.

Randy’s job is to encourage others in purposeful living. I can’t help but wonder if purposeful living and purposeful leadership might begin with purposeful meetings.

You can read more about MyMeetingPro on this site and watch a couple of overview videos at this MyMeetingPro link.

Leadership Lessons From “Gangnam Style”

In case you haven’t kept up with trends in pop culture, recipe Psy has become an international craze with his performance of Gangnam (pronounced Gahng-nahm) Style. Over 300 million have viewed the video on YouTube and it broke the Guinness book of World records for most views. Psy has been invited onto the Ellen Degeneres show and taught Britney Spears the now famous Gangnam Style dance moves which imitates the riding of an invisible horse.

The city government closed off the center of the South Korean capital Seoul so that he could perform his free concert.

Leadership Lessons from "Gangnam Style"

Concert in Seoul Gangnam Style

What causes these crazes to catch on and become viral?

The book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell discusses this phenomenon in his book. It turns out that Hush Puppies made a huge comeback largely as a result of a small bar in SOHO in NYC where young people began wearing Hush Puppies almost as an anti-establishment statement. Then some fashion designers began using them on the runway.

Gladwell said “Look at the world around you. It may seem like an immovable, implacable place. It is not. With the slightest push — in just the right place — it can be tipped”

I don’t think Psy had any idea about how successful his latest video and dance would become. But, are there lessons that we can extract from this international phenomenon?

1. Let your style emerge.

I think that there’s something liberating about losing your inhibitions about what everyone else will think about your actions. Psy’s mantra is “Dress classy and dance cheesy”. It’s his style and philosophy. He expresses this in his video from the toilet scene to the pelvic thrust scene in the elevator.

2. Psy teaches us that it’s possible to be successful and not pretentious

Psy seems unique, unpretentious, and willing to march to his own drum beat. Perhaps, his portly body image will change as his Gangnam Style dance becomes more common.

Psy marches to his own drum beat Gangnam Style

Leadership Lessons Gangnam Style

3. Whatever you do, do it with pride.

Psy doesn’t hold back, he bursts onto the scene with pride and confidence.

4. You never know where the next major cultural phenomenon will be coming from. Expect surprises.

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for American pop artists to cross over internationally. Now, Korean pop artists are crossing over into American culture and we are singing along even though we don’t understand the language or cultural factors behind the song.

It turns out that Gangnam is an affluent district in Korea. Gangnam Style is a sharp social commentary about the country’s newly rich. Gangnam is only a small slice of Seoul, but it inspires a complicated mixture of desire, envy, and bitterness. Here is a link where Psy explains each shot of the video. Here is an infographic describing Psy and Gangnam.

This video has also spawned some imitations such as Obama Style.

and Mitt Romney Style

What other learning do you see from this cultural pop culture phenomenon?

So let’s step out as leaders, find our unique style, discover what’s possible, do it with pride, expect surprises, and create our own dance…..Gangnam Style.

Picking Domain Name and Web Hosting

There are many reasons why you might want to register a domain name.

1. You desire to create a blog.
2. You have a company and you want to drive traffic and promote your business.
3. You have an e-commerce site and you want to sell your products.
4. You want to build your personal brand.
5. You aspire to develop your MLM or affiliate marketing business.

But, viagra here let’s say you have made the decision to register a domain name. Most locations that sell domain names are pretty consistent in their pricing. The price seems to range from $9.99-$12.99. By the way, that price is yearly. If you don’t pay the yearly fee for the domain, the domain can be resold. Domains that are owned by someone else can also be purchased. Auction sites like Flippa regularly sell domain names and full websites. Flippa operates similarly to ebay. People bid for sites and domains.

How do you choose a proper domain name? I like to use the Google Keyword Search tool.
This tool will give you an idea of how many searches take place on each related key word.

Pick the Best Domain Name

Pick the Best Domain Name

Perhaps you can find a word combination that has not been registered. In the past, Google gave preferential treatment to searches that had common search words within the URL. You should also consider a URL that is memorable. I prefer .com over others. Also be careful that the domain name you have chosen does not spell any strange or offensive words. No accidental porn!

Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!

I have chosen to use Go Daddy to buy domain names. They are a pretty reputable company. Also, if you decide to later sell the domain name, Go Daddy can help with the sale. I had a good experience with Go Daddy and have purchased several domains from them including JackofAllDomains, JackOfAllHosting, and JackOfAllLogos. You can also choose to let Go Dadddy host your domain.

However, I chose to host my domain at HostGator. HostGator has excellent customer service. I love their chat customer service function. I can multi-task and then send the chat dialogue to myself as a reminder. HostGator has easy one button loading for all WordPress installations and I prefer WordPress since it’s Google food. In other words, Google likes it and seems to reward it from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization Perspective).

So I guess my decision to go with HostGator was based upon,

1. Price
2. Customer service with chat function
3. Control Panel that made easily uploading of WordPress onto my sites

I admit that after experiencing how smoothly it worked using both Go Daddy and HostGator, I signed up for their affiliate programs. I’ll get a small commission if you go through my links. However, I never recommend something that I don’t use and don’t like!

With HostGator, here are a couple of coupon codes that you can use yourself or give to your friends. JackOfAllHosting will automatically give you $9.94 off and it’s the best code to use if it’s $49.70 or less. If you use the coupon code SaveWithJack, you will save 25%.

Also with HostGator, they have a service called The Baby Plan. The Baby Plan is $6.36/month. This plan allows unlimited domain hosting. It’s a great deal for me since I have 5 domains and plan to acquire more in the future. The Hatchling Plan is best if you only plan on having one domain and costs $3.96/month.

I hope this article helps you to pick a good domain name, register it, and host it.

What are your favorite domain names that you have registered? How do you plan on using them?

I’d love to brainstorm domain names with ya if you need to kick around some ideas! I love to do that sort of thing.

Building Your Brand

A while back, my friend Jonathan Hegranes introduced me to Prezi. Most adults are so ingrained in their use of PowerPoint, they haven’t raises their heads from Microsoft’s behind long enough to discover newer fresher approaches. One friend told me that you have to be 16 years or younger to know much about Prezi. I tried Prezi and I liked it.

First, let me warn you, there’s lots of movement. Some older folks find themselves getting dizzy. My mother also got dizzy on roller coasters; however, I found the experience exhilarating and fun.

Watching a Prezi is like riding a roller coaster.

I experimented with Prezi, learned it in one evening, and produced this short clip promoting the MyMeetingPro app for simple effective meetings. I also used Camtasia to add the music Takin Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Fast forward 6 months to a year. I told a client about Prezi and they wanted some help spicing up some of their sales training. I put some of their stuff onto Prezi for them. They wanted to make their documents private and be able to share them. Therefore, I subscribed to the Pro version which cost me $159.00/year. There is also a free version that requires that all of your Prezis be in the public domain. I was browsing other’s Prezis and discovered this wonderful presentation on building your brand. It’s kind of long, and has several YouTube videos imbedded into the presentation. It is very good and worth watching. You must repeatedly click the button when you want to change slides. By the way, you won’t be able to view this with your iPad or iPhone because it uses Flash. It’s an Apple thing (sorry).

Dealing with Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses

How Do You Deal With a Bad Boss?

Please check out this infographic courtesy of Compliance and Safety. They are focused on safety in the workplace and helping companies responsible for keeping you safe on the job.

I remember years ago, I was in the Los Angeles area doing some training. One of my attendees had a bad boss and was wondering how to deal with it. I suggested the following strategy.

On a Friday afternoon, walk into your bosses office and ask, “On a scale of 1-10, how do you think we work together?” Force them to give you a number. Then you say, “That’s interesting, because I would give it a _________, but I would like to take it to a 10. I was wondering if we could get together sometime next week and discuss ways that we could take it to a 10? What day works for you?”

When you get together, agree on two ground rules.

1. Don’t agree to do anything that you don’t intend to do, but if we say we’re gonna do it, let’s hold each other accountable to do it.
2. You cannot make your point, until you rephrase the other person’s point to his or her satisfaction.

Here’s the agenda for the discussion. By the way, send out the agenda ahead of time.

1. What is going well that we should continue doing?
2. What is getting in the way?
3. What specific requests do you have for improving the working relationship?

Document all agreements. Then have a 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day follow up meeting where you discuss the commitments that were made. The agenda for these meetings should be “Discuss and agree on how we are doing with the commitments we made. If you can have this dialogue without the help of an outsider, do it! If the relationship has eroded to the level that you need outside help, call me and I’ll facilitate the discussion.

A year later, I was at the same location in Los Angeles and my client walks in and says, “Are you going to be around awhile because somebody wants to talk to you”. The lady walked in who I had coached in addressing the bad boss situation. She stopped by to tell me that it had worked and as she put it, “I enjoy coming to work for the first time”. She also said that it was a good thing that she hadn’t quit, because soon thereafter, her husband was laid off and they would have had two unemployed people in the family. I love it when a plan comes together.

What techniques have you discovered for dealing with or repairing bad relationships?

How to Market Using Social Media

How I Market Using Social media

Lately, I’ve been getting requests from friends on how I’m using social media for business development. I have had multiple meetings to share these lessons.

First, I met with Matt “The Chin” Mangino, Eileen Flynn, George Chewning, Silvana Cremonini and some of their colleagues from Human Capital Alliance. I met with them virtually in an iWowWe online meeting. Here is some information about WowWe and how I’m using it to network, share information, and conduct virtual training.

Then, I met with Marc Schwartz, Donny Hornstein, and John Sklar at a nice little Jewish deli called Cindi’s in Dallas. See post on herding cats for a description of this meeting and what I learned.

Then, I met with Michael Chang and Gerry Grant at Starbucks. Michael and Gerry have a couple of online businesses. One of them is HogZillaLights.

Today, I met with John Vakidis at a fun new restaurant in Plano, TX called Whiskey Cake. John is involved with marketing at Franklin Covey.

John asked me if I would summarize some of the social media tools that I was using. He asked me to send him an email. I thought I would summarize it in a blog post for others who might benefit.

This blog post will describe my social media process. Feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions about what you are doing and what is working for you.

First, if you are new to Twitter and have not hit the 2000 (people you follow) limit yet, you should follow people who are the kind of target that will help you in your business. For example, Michael and Gerry with HogZillaLights should follow hunters. I initially followed people who were involved in training and development, led meetings, taught effective meetings, consulted, etc.

Once you hit the 2000 follower maximum, Twitter allows you to follow (People following you + 10%). In other words, if I have 5,000 followers, I can follow 5,500 people. Once you follow over 2000 people, it makes sense to unfollow the people who aren’t following you back. Every couple of weeks, I use JustUnfollow or Tweepi. I formerly used Justunfollow exclusively. Now I prefer Tweepi. Tweepi allows you to unfollow as many people as you want. JustUnfollow limits you to 50 unfollows per day. After you have unfollowed people who aren’t following you back, then you can follow more of your favorite target market. I follow the philosophy of, eliminate waste, add more good stuff (Click on Eliminate Waste, Add More Good Stuff) to view blog post.

In Facebook, I have 2 business pages and a personal page. One business page is MyMeetingPro , where I market several iPad and iPhone apps to run simple effective meetings. The other business page is The Center for Organizational Learning which is my corporate training company. Feel free to stop by and “like” the page. I always welcome visitors and people to learn with. When I create a new blog post, I use Hootsuite to post in multiple social networks, but more on that later.

I use two different tools to help me manage my social marketing. I use HootSuite and Socialoomph. I will describe each and tell you how each saves me time and increases efficiency.

In social media, don’t just repeat versions of “Hey…buy my stuff! Hey….buy my stuff”. If you do, you will be labelled a spammer and avoided. My philosophy is 70% value added content and 30% marketing messages. In Hootsuite, I pay $5.99/month for what I subscribe to. Here are the value added services that I get.

I am able to create an RSS feed for certain news in Yahoo. Ask yourself, “What type of followers am I trying to attract?” and “What news stories would these followers want to read?” I then
1. Go into Yahoo and click on news.
2. Search for relevant news.
3. Copy the RSS feed.
4. Paste it into Hootsuite, click on settings, RSS/Atom
5. Give it a hashtag so that it’s searchable in Twitter.

Waaaa Laaaaa, I know have an automated news service that is automatically sending out Twitter messages for relevant news that my followers want to read about. So there’s the 70% of value added content. You may want to read your own twitter messages as weird as that sounds. Tweak the feeds if they don’t sound natural.

I then create an Excel spreadsheet which includes links to blog posts, advertisements to stuff I’m promoting, etc. Hootsuite requires weird formatting of the entries. For example, today’s date of 9/25/2012 must be input as 25/09/2012 09:00 which means 9 am. 11:00 pm would be 23:00. I then upload 50-200 messages into my 4 Twitter accounts. I usually perform this activity once per week and queue one post per hour.

I use bitly as my url shortener as I create my Excel spreadsheet. The benefits of Bitly is that diagnostics are wrapped around every link. You can tell how many people click on each link. I usually get around 600 clicks per month. If I was to pay for that traffic, I would pay at least $500.00/month.


Bitly Gives Good Statistics

I use Socialoomph and I pay $3.90/month for what I use there. At Socialoomph, I use a direct message every time somebody follows me on Twitter. All followers are sent an automatic message inviting them to join me on my Facebook page. Socialoomph also puts new followers into a queue. I then decide whether to follow them back or not. I usually follow everyone who follows me with 2 exceptions.


How I use Socialoomph to Vet followers

1. I do not follow porn people
2. I do not follow back people where their descriptions or posts are not in English.

I also have set up twitter lists. I sort them into appropriate lists from the very beginning. My lists include things like training, consulting, facilitation, bloggers, authors, and marketers. Lately, lists that I also follow have turned up and I can add people to those lists. You might ask, what is the value of lists? Well….you can bring up a particular list and read only what people in this list are tweeting about.

Here are the ways you make friends on Twitter.
1. Follow them
2. Add them to lists.
3. Engage them in dialogue.
4. Add value.
5. Use #followfriday. Every friday, make a list of the people who have been most helpful to you and put them into a #followfriday post. I use Follow Friday Helper to save time with this activity.

I also am a big fan of Triberr. Triberr will help to amplify the reach of your blog posts. Here is the Triberr process.

1. Register with Triberr
2. Install the Triberr plug in into your WordPress blog
3. Get invited to join a tribe. Browse the tribes, find one you like, leave 3 comments on their blog posts, get invited by the chief.
4. Examine your tribal feed and read others’ blog posts.
5. Approve the ones you want.
6. Automatic twitter feeds go out with links to your tribal members posts.
7. Be sure and express appreciation to your tribal members. Remember to recognize the type of behaviors that you want and you’ll get more of them.

I’m a member of 10 tribes with a twitter reach of 11.6 million. I also have close to 16,000 twitter followers in 3 twitter accounts.

I have a Google Plus account and am regularly posting my blog posts. I follow people back as they follow me.

I also have a Linkedin account and belong to several Linkedin groups. I post information to these Linkedin groups and multiple social accounts all at once using Hootsuite.

I have created a few YouTube videos promoting MyMeetingPro
On this video, I used Prezi and Camtasia to create the following MyMeetingPro demonstration video with Takin Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive playing in the background.

Once a week, I co-host a blog talk radio show with Dan Harley. We have a radio show that is hosted online. We have about 20 listeners live and have had up to 200 people download the podcast following the show. We are considering moving the show to another platform. By the way, I know a person who is considering creating an internet radio site. She might be open to partnerships.

I also occasionally look at Klout and Kred. Klout and Kred are both attempts to measure online influence.

What do you do and what is working?

Don’t Curse The Darkness, Light a Candle

Yesterday, I met with my accountant, Cindy Manning. I expected to discuss taxes and believe me, I don’t don’t mind outsourcing that activity! As Cindy and I normally do, we had some carefree conversation and catching up to do. I only see her once a year. As we chatted, she began to tell me about a service project that her office had taken on.

Stop, Where's the Baby?

Stop, Where’s the Baby?

It’s called, Stop! Where’s the Baby?

It was a service project and a cause that her small office decided to tackle head on. Here’s a description of the cause.

Stop! Where’s the Baby? has the goal of ensuring the safety of your child.

Here is a link to facts on Hyperthermia Deaths of Children in Vehicles There were 28 children deaths in 2012 and 33 in 2011. The link listed earlier has the motto, Beat the Heat, Check the Backseat! There’s some good information at that link. Check it out!

Every year children die needlessly when left inside a hot car. Research has shown that heat is far more dangerous to a small child than to an adult. A young child’s core body temperature can rise 3-5 times faster than an adult’s, quickly causing permanent injury and even death.

This tragedy doesn’t happen because people don’t care about the child in their care. Many people are unaware how quickly the temperature inside a vehicle will rise even with the window rolled down. They are unaware of the dangerous effects of the rising heat.

Sometimes parents are operating on “auto-pilot”. Babies and children tend to fall asleep very quickly in a moving car. A busy distracted adult might forget the quiet child in the back seat.

We all think it could never happen to us, but why take that chance? It does happen to people every year, and it’s time to end this tragedy for good.

Our vision is to make Stop! Where’s the Baby? a universal symbol, so that when people see this symbol hanging from a rear-view mirror, it will become a natural response to glance in the back seat and check for a forgotten child.

Together, we can help ensure that no child ever dies in this tragic way again.

Their efforts currently include rear-view mirror placards, bumper stickers, and key chain reminders.

The key chain is a reminder to yourself, the bumper sticker alerts everyone else, and the rear-view mirror placard does double duty, reminding you and alerting others that a child rides in the vehicle.

Child on Board

What a worthy undertaking! I often say, “It’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness”. The employees at Manning & Associates are making a difference on this important issue and lighting one bright candle! Good job and good leadership!

Here is a link to contact information from these employees. Contact Cindy or Jamie. Jamie is taking the lead on this project. Her email is if you want to congratulate her or get involved. is coming soon. Feel free to offer suggestions in the comments.

Expressions of Appreciation

Search for Me Nearly

Search Nearly Called Off

Have you ever thanked someone for something they did years ago that impacted you in some way? Ever read the book, The 5 People You Meet in Heaven? In the book, Eddie meets 5 people who he influenced in some way and he learns lessons from them. In fact, Eddie can’t leave until he talks to them. I guess I would be one of the five people Bill Brewster would meet in heaven.

Today, I wrote a retired politician Bill Brewster to thank him for having a role in my rescue and survival. He was a politician who had lost family members in a plane crash.

Here is the letter:

Mr. Brewster,

Just a quick note to say thank you! You were helpful to me. You played a critical part in my survival. I don’t know if you remember it or not, but on January 10, 1991, you were contacted by Hughla Foreman. Hughla was desperate to prevent a search from being called off. She didn’t know who else to talk to, but she wanted to do something. She is a very good salesperson and she was attempting to influence people who she didn’t know or had never met (my rescuers). She had heard that a critical search was about to be called off. Time was scarce. My survival was at stake. You were an easy sell….. possibly because of some of your life experiences.

Plane Crash Affects Bill Brewster

It wasn’t an accident that Bill Brewster took that phone call.

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? I do.

Over the last 22 years, I have told this story to thousands of people and described how the experience shapes my perception of what is important.

Here are 2 links to my description of the experience.

Link to My survival story. I shouldn’t be alive.

Here is the link to pictures and newspaper articles related to my survival story.

I have lost touch with Dale Webb who was my rescuer. Any chance that you might help in finding him? I believe you wrote him some type of commendation at the time.

Thanks again!

I am forever indebted to your contribution to my survival. As a small token of my appreciation, If you would ever like me to speak at the non-profit or charity event of your choice, I will do that and pay all of my expenses and travel for free.

By the way, I have a blog that is gaining popularity. I would be pleased if you would allow me to publish your response.

Your partner in making an impact,

Dale Perryman

How to Create and Market an iPad/iPhone App


How to Create and Market an iPad or iPhone App

This is an autobiographical account of how Dr. Jerry Newman and I conceived, created, and market the MyMeetingPro App for simple effective meetings. I hope that this article provides learning for others who wish to create and market Apps.

About 3 years ago, I was doing a project at Steris Corporation. Jerry was the director of Research and Development. I had done numerous projects with Jerry over the last 15 years. I facilitated meetings to clarify the long term and short term new product development priorities. We launched programs such as Lions of Innovation to build leadership capabilities. We built a leadership development model for new product development . But enough background!

Jerry and I both felt like there were so many meetings that suck. People just don’t know how to run an effective meeting. I said, “We really should create an App that helps people run better meetings”. Jerry liked the idea and a partnership was formed.

I’m an idea guy. I have a zillion ideas that are mostly just that….ideas. Come to find out, one of my top strengths is ideation. I collect ideas. One of Jerry’s strengths is Achiever and Maximizer. Jerry is much more of a doer. Together, it made a good partnership.

We began doing research about partners that could help us in this creation. We found a local Dallas supplier who outsources much of the programming to India.

In project management, they say that you are always striving towards

1. Good
2. Fast
3. Cheap

Pick 2 out of the 3. If it’s good and fast, it won’t be cheap. If it’s good and cheap, it won’t be fast.

We designed the UI. That’s user interface for all of the tech newbies. Believe me, I needed a definition when we started. We began to draw and create mock ups of screens and the desired results of the app. We agreed on the design. The proposal with costs was developed and contracts were signed. We found our supplier, paid 50% up front and got started.

Well a year later, it felt like every mistake that could be made was made more than once. If I were to do this again, I would build milestones into the proposal that have to do with time frame. Perhaps pay bonuses for meeting certain deadlines. We started with one programmer, he was fired, another one started. People working on the project moved in and out like a revolving door.

MyMeetingPro App for Simple Effective Meetings

MyMeetingPro App for Simple Effective Meetings

We finally launched and uploaded to Apple iTunes and went live. We paid our final amounts and were given the code. Later, Jerry’s son did a total rebuild and we also launched 2 other Apps including MyMeetingPro Plan and MyMeetingPro Cost.

But finally, we had 3 killer Apps that we were proud of. We tried to follow good design principles. We gave the new product to beta testers. Let me say a little bit about beta testers. They were a mixture of friends, family, and recruits. We attempted to bribe a few. We gathered feedback from these users and dealt with bugs. We gathered input from users when they sent us emails and implemented suggested features.

Apple takes 30% of all sales in iTunes. The developers get the rest.

Now let me tell you about marketing. Here are the things that were done to market the app.

1. The MyMeetingPro website was created.
2. A MyMeetingPro facebook page was created.
3. Forums were contacted.
4. MyMeetingPro Twitter profiles were created.
5. Automated twitter messages were created publicizing MyMeetingPro and gathering relevant followers using Hootsuite and Socialoomph. Try and make your twitter posts 80% value added content and 20% advertising.
6. Weekly blog talk radio show was co-hosted with Dan Harley.
7. Online reviews were written by Daily App Show, AppDictions, and iPad Apps Review Online. Several of these were paid reviews.
8. I created MyMeetingPro YouTube videos and created a channel.
9. Friends were encouraged to write good reviews on iTunes. Some good reviews were unsolicited.
10. Paid advertising was conducted on Facebook and LinkedIn
11. App was touted and advertised in every training class that I conducted.
12. App was shown to strangers at Starbucks, bankers, and poker players in between hands.
13. Ongoing discussions are taking place around partnerships with clients who offer effective meeting training.
14. We were inches away from an article in Businessweek. We had been interviewed and the piece describing MyMeetingPro was edited out. We were contacted by the reporter due to our high ranking in Google.

The bottom line is that we have done good, but not great. It’s projected to have a two year payback. I would do it again, but it would have to be a really big idea. I’m willing to partner around your app idea if it’s a “big idea”.

Please give me your comments, questions, and suggestions!

When we arrive at the end of our journey, we realize that we’ve just begun, and we see the place for the first time.

Directive Leadership from Mr. Miyagi

Directive Leadership from Mr. Miyagi

Wax On, Wax Off, No Questions

Does directive leadership have its place? Research shows that coercive leadership negatively impacts culture.

The pacesetter style also negatively impacts culture. The pacesetter style of leadership is a “keep up with me” type of leadership. The pacesetter style also negatively impacts culture because it doesn’t build sustainable skills of the follower.

Directive leadership is somewhat different than coercive leadership. It’s possible to be directive while not resorting to force or coercion. In fact, directive leadership is most appropriate when the follower is low in competency but high in commitment. Directive leadership is also appropriate during emergency type situations. For example, if the room was on fire, I wouldn’t say, “Ok, everybody break up into small groups and discuss the situation among yourselves”. I would pull a George Costanza and say “Everybody after Me”.

Well maybe not that extreme.

Directive leadership is appropriate in emergency situations where there’s little time and where the follower is low in competence but high in commitment. Take the famous scene from Karate Kid. Wax on, wax off, no questions from the late Mr. Miyagi.

or sand the floor.

And finally paint the fence

At some point, Danielson moves from low in competence but high in commitment to the disillusioned learner. The disillusioned learner has some competence, but experiences a drop off in commitment. Danielson says, this is BS man….I’m outa here!

I guess directive behavior is appropriate as long as it’s part of a bigger picture development plan.

When is directive leadership appropriate for you?